Discover how easy it is to get custom ad creatives delivered monthly

Sudiyo leverages sophisticated tools, powered by talented marketers, art directors, project managers, and even AI. With this, we are able to produce, shoot, and edit multiple variations of creatives at scale. It’s like having your own in-house production team at your fingertips.

1. Onboarding
When you sign up, you will receive an email from your new project manager onboarding into our private portal where all communication will happen.

If you prefer email or Slack, no worries! You can just let us know which works best for you. How convenient is that? 
2. Fill-in Form
Then, you will be given a product questionnaire to fill out. From main features & benefits to actor preferences and more...

Our goal for this stage is to understand who you are, who your customers are, what you believe in, and what you’re hoping to achieve.
3. Ad Strategy
After we have received your product questionnaire submission, our team will begin scripting and planning your Shot List.

The team will build a bespoke creative strategy that fits your paid social channels, so your core campaign structure fits our creative execution.

“Here we will do an extensive research based on our experience and data to understand what is the best approach to ensure the ad creatives we make performs best.”

Dan - Founder, Sudiyo

4. UGC Casting
We work together with our network of highly-trained content creators experienced in filming UGC that sells.

We will actively scout the best content creator and model that fits your brand and audience. 
5. Shot List Approval
When your Shoot List and Visual Art Direction  is completed, it will be sent to you for review.

We plan ahead and gather all the necessary materials and props needed for the shoot based on your product and script.

The goal with the SLVAD is to establish the look and feel that will be incorporated throughout all of the Ad Creatives

The SLVAD has not gone through a full test for quality assurance and some elements may change prior to delivery to ensure optimum results

6. Product Arrival
Whenever your product arrives at our studio, it gets categorized and processed to be added to our queue of video projects that are ready for production. (Yes, we have already started working on the project, even before your product arrives at our studio!)

Your project will now enter the Production phase. All props and stage actors have been briefed and prepared for the shoot.

7. Production
Once everything is finalized, we get to the most exciting part of the entire process!

Our pre-production and production team works together to produce your ad creatives inside our 10,000 sq ft studio or outdoors, wherever your product fits best!
8. Post-Production
This is where all the magic happens. At this stage, post-production teams receive your Shot List, and all of the RAW footage so they can begin editing amazing creatives for you.

After their initial round of edits, it will be reviewed by our executive team to ensure your video passes with flying colors.

Usually, we anticipate your output delivery to complete the initial round of edits within 5-8 business days.

9. Project Delivery
Once your Ad Creatives pass the final review, we’ll send you all of the assets we produced! You may access all of your files via Google Drive and continue your marketing efforts.

Not satisfied? You get unlimited minor revisions upon delivery.

"Upon delivery, the videos are still not final and you can request to submit revisions. We find that the best way to ask for revision is by submitting a video recording of you addressing the tweak that needs to be done. This can be through Loom video recordings or Chrome Extension."

Dan - Founder, Sudiyo

10. Optimization
After 2 weeks of launching ads or a specific amount of ad spend, we’ll hop on a call to begin analyzing data and insights from the creatives you used on paid social.

This allows us to make creative decisions and improve our ad creatives over time.
11. Rinse and Repeat
In line with your business objectives, our strategy team works with you month-to-month to build a creative roadmap and testing framework that is built for production at scale.

You've heard how it works, it's now time to make it work.


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